Salvador (Dimension) Dali in History of Art

Updated on: March 1, 2023

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Salvador (Dimension) Dali is one of the most famous artists of Spain of the twentieth century, who became an integral part of world pop culture. This master is best known for his surrealist paintings, although he worked in different styles, forms, and genres – starting with Impressionism, and Cubism and ending with Neoclassicism. In addition, he was a jack of all trades: he created illustrations, advertising logos, and interiors, wrote memoirs, scripts, and works of art, as well as published cookbooks and lithographs.

Salvador became famous not only for his extraordinary imagination but also for his carefully constructed scandalous image, eccentric behavior, and defiant statements about himself and his surroundings. The artist’s appearance and lifestyle are bright, alluring, full of outrageous, and audacity, attracting constant attention. Furthermore, the artist and his wife were well aware of the power of media. Dali regularly appeared on the covers of glossy magazines and commercials, willingly communicating with famous and influential people of that era. He regularly used the services of advertisers and created logos and illustrations for some companies. Thus, people still talk about his views, personality, character, and behavior, and various legends go about Dali’s life, work, and creativity.

Dali lived quite a happy life and was married to his only Gala, whom he raised into a cult until the end of his days. Having passed through the influences of many schools and currents at a young age, in 1929, Salvador Dali joined the Surrealist movement and soon became a leading figure. In the 30s, the artist reached unprecedented heights in his paintings; these years became one of the most significant for the creator.

Since the 40s, Salvador Dali has been living in the USA, creating new works and his image as a universal artist. He turns to “nuclear mysticism” and large-format creations during these periods. From the 1960s until the end of his life, the artist admired science and new technologies and actively used stereoscopy and holography in his works, considering them as the language of the future.

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