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So, it is time to write a perfect transportation essay.

This time, we will focus on writing tips and ideas. We also prepared a selection of free essay samples that you can use as references to your paper.

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Transportation Essay: What Is It about?
A transportation essay is a writing piece that describes means of transport, their advantages and disadvantages, problems, and solutions. It can be an argumentative, persuasive, expository, or descriptive essay.

The disciplines which might include such papers are:

Technology Studies.
Environmental Studies.
Public Transport Essay
Public transport is a system of vehicles for group transportation that operate at fixed times and on settled routes. The transportation system is a vast field for research and analysis. It is not a secret that public transportation is well developed in European countries but is not popular in the United States.

Importance of Public Transport
In this essay, you have to explain why public transport is essential or not crucial for modern society. Support your argumentation line with credible sources and relevant examples.

Take a look at the topics below:

Does the United States need an efficient public transportation system?
Public transport is an ecology-friendly alternative to private transport.
Traffic jams: how public transport can solve this problem.
Pros and Cons of Public Transport
There are several pluses and minuses that you can always consider when choosing transport. You can discuss the routes, the time spent commuting, or ecological aspects.

Here are our essay topics:

Overcrowding in public transport during rush hour.
Public transport vs. electric cars: which option is more ecological?
The value of time and money: the benefits and drawbacks of public transport.
Essay on Bus Transportation
Bus transportation involves municipal, intercity, or international routes. Each type can become the area of your research. You can compare buses with other public and private transport means, discuss the CO2 emissions, costs, and comfort. You might also analyze the development of bus transportation and compare the successful and unsuccessful systems.

Check the selection of topics below:

What country has the most developed bus transportation?
Why should we use buses instead of cars?
The advantages and disadvantages of traveling by bus.
Essay on Water Transport
Water transport is not as popular as ground transportation but is still an integral part of public transport. Water transport varies from small boats to giant liners and can involve both commuting and recreation.

Here is our choice of topics about water transport:

Water taxis and water buses: the efficiency and experience.
The benefits of urban water transport.
The dangers of long-distance trips using water transport.
Essay on Air Transportation
Air transportation is the fastest way to travel long distances. However, the amount of CO2 emissions is harmful to the Earth. You can also compare the quality of the services of legacy and low-cost airlines.

Our essay titles on air transportation:

The business models of low-cost and legacy airlines.
Coronavirus pandemic and air transport.
What types of planes are the most sustainable?
Essay about Transportation in the Past and Present
From horse carriages to huge planes, public transport evolved drastically even in the last one hundred years. In this essay, you can compare and evaluate the means of transportation, their impact on our lives and ecological situation, and your attitude to them.

Take a look at our topics:

The history of aircraft and its evolution.
Traveling one hundred years ago and now.
The future of public transport: what might be different in one hundred years?
Transportation Essay: How to Write?
Here are some tips that will make it easier to write a decent paper:

Always remember what your instructor said. Follow the requirements on the format, word limit, and don’t forget about the deadline.
Be disciplined. Create an outline, a list of sources, make short notes. It is also a good idea to create a couple of drafts.
Follow the structure. Each essay should include an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
Make sure you answer the main question that you state at the beginning of the paper.
Pay attention to the credibility and relevance of your sources. Use college databases or verifiable information.
Proofread and check your information. Incorrect spelling or wring grammar can spoil the impression.
Thank you for reading this article! You can use our free essay examples below to get some inspiration.

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