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Your assignment is to write an essay on natural science, but you have no idea what it could be about? No worries! Physics is not only about photonics. And biology is not only about histology. We will provide you with a range of great topics for your paper! You will find writing tips and natural science essay examples down below!

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Natural Science Essay: What Is It about?
Natural science essay studies and describes natural phenomena. Basing on experiments and observations, scientists discover laws and propose theories. They also have recourse to mathematics and logic to make correct conclusions. So they are capable of predicting some events.

Natural science is a broad term that includes a number of distinct disciplines. Some specialize in tiny objects, like microorganisms, elements, or atoms. Others explore the infinite space and ephemeral processes of life.

A more academic way to differentiate natural science is not based on the size of an object.

The first area is physical science. It deals with the processes of non-living materials and elements. There is a division into the subfields according to the subject. The main ones are physics, chemistry, Earth science, and astronomy.
We will discuss physics and chemistry in detail later in the article. Meanwhile, Earth science is a general term to the subfields studying ecosystems. It analyzes ways in which all areas of the Earth function and influence each other. Astronomy deals with cosmic objects, such as planets, galaxies, and nebulae. Some scientists join it with astrophysics. The peculiar thing about it is that there is no way you can set up an experiment.
The second area is life science, or in other words, biology. Its objects are living organisms, their functions, and their behavior.
You may divide this branch of natural science into subfields as well. Zoology studies animals and botany plants. Ecology explores the interactions of living and non-living organisms. And there are many more branches to explore! For example, molecular biology goes hand in hand with chemistry. Or the anatomy and its focus on the human and animal insides.
Physics Essay Ideas
Physics essay investigates the structure of a substance and how it moves in time and space. It concentrates on the forms and means these matters react to each other.

Physics in Everyday Life
Physics in everyday life essay is a paper on ordinary things you do all the time. It is the most exciting field you can imagine. Many forget that physics is not about formulas. Physics is everything that surrounds you. It is every action you do! Write about your use of iron or the boiling process when you make tea. How do you walk, and how do you run?

You might want to choose one of the titles below for your physics in everyday life essay:

What physical laws allow you to ride a bike?
What processes make TV-screen show pictures?
How does your mirror reflect an image?
History of Physics
Essays on the history of physics describe the development of the research field. What are its subfields and theories? You can analyze the contribution of various scientists. How did Aristotle give the name “physics” to this science? How has the Church’s attitude to discoveries changed over the years? How have the concepts and notions come and go?

Try these topics for your history of physics essay:

Who was the first to invent the radio – Popov or Marconi?
The beginning and the end of aether theories
How has the theory of relativity changed the world?
Compare & Contrast Physics Essay
A comparative essay on physics can be focused on the similarities and differences between various theories and concepts. The argumentative form could be a nice choice for this essay type. Scientists compare concepts, theories, and approaches to choose those more effective and featuring more explanatory power. You may analyze the competing ideas of the past research or compare current theories.

You could use the following compare and contrast physics essay topics:

Compare different interpretations of quantum mechanics
Thermodynamics: compare the contributions of Bernoulli and Thompson
Controlled vs. natural experiments in physics
Chemistry Essay Ideas
A chemistry essay explores the composition of substances and their transformations. Chemistry is a science that connects physics, biology, and other disciplines.

Chemistry in Daily Life
Essay on chemistry in daily life questions routine situations and their connection with chemical elements. As with physics, everything around you is chemistry. There is nothing in the world that has no chemicals in it. They are in the air, in the water, and in the food. Chemistry also rules your daily emotions and feelings in your brain.

The possible topics for an essay on chemistry in daily life are:

How do the cleanser chemicals affect your skin?
What makes the air polluted?
What ingredients make food unhealthy?
Chemistry in Agriculture
Chemistry in agriculture essay studies chemistry and its application in farming. The main branches are organic chemistry and biochemistry. The first one explores elements with carbon. The other is about the processes in the cells. They examine how fertilizers, soil, and products can be improved. You may discuss the pros and cons of this area.

Here are some ideas for your chemistry in agriculture essay:

The effect of pesticides on the environment
How to maintain and improve the fertility of soil?
Feed supplement and its influence on cattle
History of Chemistry
History of chemistry essay discusses the discoveries and scientists’ ideas in the field. Explain why the roots of chemistry go deep in time. You can describe the most horrific experiments and their issues. Who is the father of chemistry, and why? How has the search for the philosopher’s stone led to the discovery of penicillin?

Feel free to use these topics:

What is the secret of Greek Fire?
How has alchemy become chemistry?
The introduction of the world-changing invention by Alexander Fleming
Biology Essay Questions & Topics
A biology essay focuses on the analysis of various living organisms. It explores their development and role on the Earth. Research activity in the field covers the full range of biological structures, from molecules to ecosystems. However, a number of unifying themes tie all the variety of organisms into a coherent system.

Marine Biology Essay
Marine biology essay focuses on sea species. This branch of natural science is full of secrets. The ocean is not studied enough yet. There is only 30% of the seas are explored. The goal of marine biologists is to close these gaps.

Some titles for your marine biology essay are:

Why is marine biology the most diverse and mysterious one?
Why is plankton one of the most important organisms in the world?
The way marine biologists study the deepest parts of the globe
Plant Biology Essay
Biology essay on plants examines how plants grow. The way they react to each other and other natural phenomena. The other name of the research subfield that focuses on plants is botany.

Mainstream botany concentrates on the breeding of better plants. Plant biologists aim to cultivate healthy and cheap products for us. The next thing they do is preserve rare species. Each year there are more and more plants to protect.

These are some topics:

How does botany cultivate new and sustainable vegetables?
How do fertilizers affect plants?
What are the leading causes of plant diseases?
Behavioral Biology Essay
Behavioral biology essay is about the merge of biology, psychology, and neuroscience. It explores the depths of brain functions. The way hormones influence our behavior, mind, and emotions.

As we have stated above, this field and chemistry relate to each other. They both study how we feel and react. Humans are not the only concern of this field, though. It studies animal behavior as well.

Your essay may be:

How do hormones control people’s feelings?
How do animal instincts work in dangerous situations?
Is it true that nature prevails over nurture in people’s behavior?
We hope that this article was useful. Still looking for inspiration? Below you’ll find an extensive list of natural science essays!

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