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There are many topics you may cover in your psychology paper. How does mass media influence our emotions? How to deal with isolation? We will help you make the right choice! You will learn more about the psychology fields, get writing prompts, and find some ideas for your paper. Also, there are psychology essay examples at the end!

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Psychology Essay: What Is It about?
A psychological article is the critical evaluation of psychological concepts, theories, and experiments. They describe the behavior and consciousness of a person, group, or crowd. One of the four major disciplines could be interesting to you:

Social psychology
Developmental psychology
Cognitive psychology
Biological psychology
We will give their extended descriptions later on.

Social Psychology Essay
In a social psychology essay, the goal is to analyze how social context is interconnected with the feelings, thoughts, and beliefs of a person. What is one’s place in society? Psychologists study changes in people’s behavior under social pressure.

Also, this field is about the methods leaders use to rule society. What is the effect of propaganda, and how does it work?

Here are the topics you might choose for your social psychology essay:

What are the effects of criticism and negative comments on a person?
What social status is the most desired by people?
The significance of bringing up a child in a two-parent family
The role of stereotypes in acquaintance
Differences in a person’s behavior among friends and a crowd
Reflections of public opinion on one’s motivation and actions.
Developmental Psychology Essay
Developmental psychology essay deals with problems of one’s growing-up. It explores the importance of certain events in some periods of life. For example, when a baby starts to talk, or the first day in school. How does one master a language? Does divorce influence a child? How does the kid’s social development take place?

The other side of this area studies the development on its own. Is it a gradual process, or does it have phases?

These are some of the issues that developmental psychology is about:

How many languages can a child acquire?
How to slow dementia?
How do people’s emotions affect a child?
Impact of single-parenting on a child’s life
Effects of shock on person’s memory
Changes in behavior after a mental trauma
Cognitive Psychology Essay
A cognitive psychology essay explores the way the brain obtains and processes data. Primary researches are held on the subjects of heed, memory, and consciousness. You can compare the brain with the computer. They both work the same way.

This field has much in common with developmental psychology. That is why many of their questions intersect with each other, but the goals are varying.

Below are some titles for a cognitive psychology essay:

How does one make a decision under pressure?
Roots of writing and reading conditions
How does the smell bring up a memory?
Why do people react in different ways in the same situation?
Dreams as an interview with oneself
The way multitasking affects one’s memory
Essay about Biological Psychology
An essay about biological psychology is an analysis of the nature of emotions and actions. The other name of this field is psychobiology. It connects the two broad fields of research. Their objects of study are genes and hormones, as well as the way they determine human life.

You may cover the importance of evolution and natural selection. How do they affect our feelings? Or discover the role of the genes. How do they influence our decisions?

Look at some short and simple topics for your biological psychology essay:

How does a person choose a partner?
Role of the sleep patterns on one’s emotions
Drug influence on attention and memory
Effects of isolation on mental health
How does stress influence the immune system?
Public attitude to people with physical conditions
Psychology Essay Outline
After choosing a topic for your paper, the next thing you have to do is create an outline. It should contain information on the key elements and ideas of your work.

Below is an outline on “Drug influence on attention and memory.”

The introduction. In this part, you have to claim a thesis statement and note the points you are to give in the essay.
The possible thesis is: Affecting one’s cerebral cortex, the front part of which is the thinking center, drugs negatively influence attention and memory of a person.
The body is the essential part of your work. It has to be argumentative and provide strong evidence to prove your thesis. A standard 5-paragraph essay contains three paragraphs with arguments. Here are the topic sentences:
One who has used drugs has an unclear conscience
There is not enough research about the medical effects of drugs
A person on drugs is more likely to lose control and commit a crime
The conclusion has to summarize your arguments and express the central idea of your essay.
We hope that you’ve found these tips useful. Below you’ll find an extensive list of psychology essay examples that you might want to use for inspiration. Good luck with your writing!

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