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Writing an essay on politics can be laborious if you do not have a research question and a plan in mind. But how to select the perfect topic among so many issues? In this article, we will provide some topic ideas, explain how to create an outline, and give useful writing prompts. You will also find examples of perfect essays that will inspire you.

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Political Science Essay: What Is It about?
A political science essay is a paper that explores power and politics from a comparative, domestic, or international perspective. It is to analyze a political idea, process, policy, and behavior. Such an essay can focus on a politically significant person or, more often, a group, a class, or an institution.

Choosing the right title is easier if you know what political science is. It helps to know what its subfields are:

The American government, or civics, is one of the most widespread fields in the US. It concentrates on the various sides of the national government. It discusses such problems as the elections, constitution, political parties’ competition, etc.
Comparative politics studies how other governments operate. The goal is to compare situations in several countries and describe the variety of political regimes worldwide.
International relations explore contacts and arrangements of states. Scientists study the effect of a government’s moves and claims on other nations. This branch explores both the current situations and the history.
Political economy scientists investigate the connection between governments, policies, and individuals. They determine what economic theories work best in the state. Then they apply these theories in practice.
Political philosophy studies the philosophers’ concepts of the government’s forms. It defines the concepts like liberty, power, and nation. Political philosophers debate on the role of the state and the place of a person in society.
Political Science Essay Topics
Politics is a very diverse part of our lives. You may wonder where to begin if you want to explore it in more depth. We’ll offer you topics and writing tips on the central political areas. Study them and choose the one you appeal to most.

Religion & Politics Essay
Religion and politics essay is the one on the intersection of these fields. Scientists and philosophers have studied their connection for thousands of years. They define their parallels, bonds, and conflicts.

Write about the relationship among states with different beliefs and traditions. How has the separation of church from the state taken place? You can describe the role of religion in government and its executive decisions. How does the state’s ideology form? Or, explain why the state depends on religion in control of its citizens.

Media Influence on Politics Essay
Media influence on politics essay focuses on the place of media in our lives. Television and the internet give political actors the tools to reach out to and influence large groups of people. Media can also compromise politicians, making public scandalous events, corruption, and murders. Social media plays an especially important role nowadays, being the most common source of information for millions of people. In your essay devoted to the influence of social media on politics, you could discuss social media bias, the role of social networking, and other exciting issues.

Women in Politics Essay
In this essay, you could discuss women’s participation in governmental structures and society as a whole. There are about 25% of women in national parliaments. Fifty years ago, this number was even less. Feel free to describe the role of a woman through history.

Compare the attitude towards women in politics throughout history. How have women achieved equal rights? Some say women are the best politicians. Do you agree with this or not?

Political Socialization Essay
Political socialization essay is a paper that focuses on the ways of shaping political views. It describes how a person perceives the world and acts in some situations. Political socialization begins in childhood and never stops.

You may describe how these views have developed over the years. What is the role of parents and family in their kids’ ideology formation? What influences teenage ideology more – school, friends, or mass media?

Is Democracy the Best Form of Government?
In this essay, your task is to question the pros and cons of the democratic political system. Democracy allows everyone to participate in political life. Everyone has the right to take part in choosing their state policy. It makes people equal and the world just. Or probably not? Discuss the issue in your essay.

Explore if the democracy we have is the democracy we wish to have. You may compare it with the other forms of government. What are the alternatives to democracy?

Is Government Necessary?
In the essay on this topic, you can discuss the purpose of the government. Can the world live in anarchy or not? There may not be such radical changes, but a reduction of the state’s role.

Examine the views of those who believe economics prospers if the government does not interfere. Or, in the three branches of government essay, you may speculate on how these institutes’ power can be lessened. What are the arguments of pro-government people? How do they support their ideas? How do they raise voice against their opponents?

American Government Essay Topics
Here are some topics for an A+ essay about the government of the US:
How has the US Constitution been written and adopted?
What are the problems of the US health system, and how can it be improved?
Media as the fourth branch of government
What is the role of each branch of the US government?
What are the pros and cons of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution?
How can the government inspire more people to participate in politics?
The interpretations of the US Constitution
Comparative Politics Essay Topics
These are the titles for a comparative politics essay:

Comparison of the direct and representative democracies
Are there any parallels between right and left-wing politicians?
Compare monarchies and democracies in Western Europe
How does free speech influence politics and society?
The comparison of protectionism and free market
What are the parallels between communism in China and the USSR?
What are the BREXIT effects on the UK and the EU?
Political Science Essay: How to Write?
Now you have chosen a theme for your essay, but how to write it? What steps should you take, and what things should you avoid?

We have prepared several tips for you. Follow our advice, and you will get an A+ for your essay:

Study the assignment; if you have any questions, ask a tutor
Prepare a detailed outline so your essay is coherent
Make sure you can provide enough arguments to prove your thesis statement
Advance your arguments in a coherent order
It is better to give a weaker argument in the middle of a body part
Check the grammar, punctuation, orthography, and style after you have written an essay
Read over the finished paper in case you decide to change anything
We hope you have found this article useful. Make sure to look at the political science essay examples you see down below, and good luck!

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