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Need to write a philosophy essay but do not know how to start? Do not worry, and we are here to give you a hand. In this article, we will explain to you what the philosophy paper is. On this page, you will find philosophy essay topics, writing prompts, and tips for making an outline. Examples of A+ papers included!

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Philosophy Essay: What Is It about?
A philosophy essay is argumentative research of abstract concepts, theories, or philosophical traditions. You may compose an essay on a concept, school of thought, or a philosopher. The format of this type of essay is strict. Our instructions are here to help you make less effort while writing.

Do not hurry the preparation. Study the texts thoughtfully. Notes you take during the reading will do you half of the job.
Present the key points of your essay after you give a thesis statement.
Be precise, give definitions to new concepts, and pay attention to logic. It will help if you choose the position in the argument. Then use extracts from verified sources to prove it.
Examine arguments against your theses as well. Provide the author’s reply and give your own opinion on this critic.
Express your point of view on a selected topic.
Philosophy Essay Topics
Philosophy essay topics may focus on any problem you choose. There are several spheres of great importance that have been subjects of debate for many years. We will provide writing prompts for them.

Meaning of Life Philosophy Essay
Meaning of life philosophy essay explores philosophers’ ideas on life. Choose a topic that appeals to you and study philosophers’ concepts. Keep in mind that their ideas can diverge and have nothing in common. While Aristotle reflected on human function, Kant considered the meaning of life as “the Highest Good.”

The debates are held on questions like:

What is the reason to live?
What do “the meaning” and “life” imply?
Whether there should be any meaning in life at all?
Human Nature Philosophy Essay
Human nature philosophy essay is to focus on fundamental traits and dispositions of people. Are they competitive and selfish or altruistic and social? Philosophers debate on humans as part of society and nature. They discuss the function of people, their place, and their purpose in the world.

Significant discussions are held on the following topics:

Does the term “human nature” signify something or not?
Is an egalitarian society possible?
Do normative ethical theories have to be based on human nature?
Free Will Philosophy Essay
The free will philosophy essay examines opinions on determinism, its degree, and its impact. Can one control anything? To what extent can we manage our lives? This is one of the most pressing subjects. The other topic of the philosophers’ interest is what limits one’s actions. Is it other people, nature, or God? This issue is closely related to the field of ethics and metaphysics.

The debates take place on these topics:

Whether one has control over themselves or not?
How to define a just punishment if a criminal’s actions are determined?
What are the limits of free will, if there are any?
Political Philosophy Essay
Political philosophy essay focuses on the philosophical aspects of government, institutions, and legitimacy. In contrast with political science, political philosophy studies and elaborates on the ideal society. What drives people to form a state and become a nation? What is the human role in various government structures? What do these terms mean?

The essential issues of political philosophy are:

What is the role of a person in politics?
The problem of stratification of society in the modern world.
How much power should the government have?
Essay on Socrates Philosophy
Essay on Socrates philosophy studies Socrates’ concepts and work. He stands at the origins of ancient philosophy. His teachings have not lost their meaning to this day. He spread his ideas to his students not in writing, but in oral form. Socrates has changed philosophy with his thoughts by presenting new ways of thinking.

The ideas for an essay may be:

Philosophy before and after Socrates, his influence on Plato.
Socrates’ arguments on democracy issues.
Socratic method of studying and debating.
Ethics Essay
An ethics essay is an article on morals, the ideas of “good” and “bad.” It describes the way one could or should live and behave. There are three major spheres in ethics – metaethics, normative, and applied ethics. They intersect in many aspects, so exploring one field is hard without considering others.

Here are some ideas for your ethics essay:

How to prove something is good or evil?
How should one react to aggression according to different schools of ethics?
What changes have to be made in the matter of climate change problems?
Philosophy Essay Outline
The first step in composing an essay is to choose a topic of your interest.

The second is to develop a proper outline. It has to contribute to easy and pleasurable writing. The philosophy essay outline features the same structural elements as other essay types.

Below you’ll find an outline for the topic “How much power should a government have?”

Your introduction should contain a hook, a thesis statement, and a brief plan of a paper. A thesis is a claim on your topic that you prove in the essay.
A thesis could be: The extent of a government’s powers should be directly proportional to its representativeness.
The body has to contain strong arguments in defense of your thesis. By default, this part consists of 3 paragraphs that are to prove it using evidence.
The first argument: The government has too much control over human lives.
The second argument: It takes a lot of natural and human resources.
The third argument: Economics profits more if the state does not interfere.
The conclusion is to summarize your arguments and restate a thesis.
We hope you have found all the information to compose an excellent philosophy paper. Check out the essays’ samples we have placed below!

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