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Writing a literary analysis essay is not as exhausting as it sounds, especially when you have our guide at hand! Here we will explain how to create a literature essay outline and give useful writing prompts. Below you will also find examples of A+ essays. Stay here, and you will enjoy composing the paper with our tips and tricks.

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Literature Essay: What Is It About?
A literature essay is an analysis of a novel, short story, or another written piece. You can examine one or compare two texts. Every student has to write hundreds of literature essays at school, and many have to compose them at college.

American Literature Essay
An American literature essay is a paper that focuses on a work of an American writer or poet. Though the US is quite a young country, it still features a rich history of literature. American writers tend to focus on issues like the American Dream, gender, social inequality, and the hardships of war. That is just a tiny part of many themes you might want to write about.

Here is a list of possible American literature essay topics:

Is an American Dream the same in The Great Gatsby and Of Mice and Men?
Little Women: a life of a woman after the Civil War.
Influence of Uncle Tom’s Cabin in the fight for equal rights.
The Sun Also Rises as the portrayal of the Lost Generation.
The school years and teenage innocence as horror in Carrie.
Gothic Literature Essay
A Gothic literature essay focuses on the genre distinct for its mystery and horror. You can choose plenty of themes if your task is to write such a paper. If you are bored with typical Poe’s grim short stories, take a look at southern Gothic authors, such as Capote or Faulkner. Grotesque and death in literature are represented there in a peculiar way.

Here is a list of possible Gothic literature essay topics:

How was the world frightened by The Castle of Otranto?
Motives of loneliness and isolation in The Fall of the House of Usher.
The way stream of consciousness is presented in As I Lay Dying.
Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus: what frightens more – the Creature or its creator?
The heritage of Gothic literature in The Call of Cthulhu.
African American Literature Essay
African American Literature Essay focuses on the writings of those of African descent who live in the US. This body of literature often concentrates on the issues of racism and the role of African Americans in broader society. These authors have addressed the ideas of slavery, segregation, and their culture.

The title of your African American literature essay could be:

Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral: The first voice of African Americans in literature.
The exposure of slave’s feelings in Up from Slavery.
Restoring justice in Black Reconstruction in America.
Reflections on “home and family” in Roots: The Saga of an American Family.
On being “a good person” in Beloved through the eyes of a Pulitzer prize winner.
Essay on Poetry
A poetry essay is an analysis of one or a series of poems. The goal is to interpret the author’s thoughts. How do they use literary techniques and devices? What is the meaning of the poem itself? What is the significance of the poem in the author’s life and art as a whole? These are the issues that poetry essays focus on.

Poetry explication essay
A poetry explication essay is your interpretation of a poem. This paper aims to analyze its style, characteristics, subtext, and techniques used by the author. Reading pieces of poetry may be challenging for some. It is better to choose a poem that you have some connection with.

Below are some ideas for your poetry essay:

The way W. Shakespear explains love in Sonnet 130.
Elements of romanticism in Percey Shelly’s Hymn to Intellectual Beauty.
W.B. Yeats’ rhythm and rhyme in Lines Written in Dejection.
Power and conflict through the metaphor in Fire and Ice by R. Frost.
Use of alliteration in Pied Beauty by G.M. Hopkins.
Poetry comparison essay
A poetry comparison essay has much in common with the poetry explication paper. The difference is that you are supposed to compare several poems.

You need to:

State briefly the structure and style of poems one at a time
Compare poems with each other, analyze their similarities and differences
Here is a list of possible poetry comparison essay topics:

How does Blake question God in The Lamb and The Tyger?
What techniques are used to describe nature in The Wind and Who Has Seen the Wind?
Approaches to picture a person in To Helen by E.A. Poe and Helen by Hilda Dooliton.
The value of verse style in Paradise Lost and The Hollow Man.
Reading in a dialect Crowin’ Hen Blues and Red Roses by Langston Hughes.
Response to Literature Essay: How to Write?
Response to literature essay is a standard type of essay. We will guide you on how to compose it from the beginning to the end. We will focus you on the most critical elements, such as the title and the outline. You may find samples of strong essays at the end of an article.

Choose a Topic
One of the crucial questions in composing an essay is how to title it. A paper on a subject of your interest will make writing much more exciting. Explore a book or poem that is touching you. Do not worry if you have no ideas; choose a topic from the lists above or use them to get inspired!

Make a Response to Literature Essay Outline
Another critical issue in response to literature essay writing is creating a coherent outline. Its purpose is to build a strong basis for a paper. A good essay consists of 3 main parts.

These are:

The introduction contains the plan of an essay and a thesis statement. This part is not lengthy; it only gives some hooks to the central piece.
The body is the main part of any paper. It takes more space than the intro and conclusion combined. Here you are to analyze the theses and provide arguments to prove them. There have to be at least three paragraphs, each containing a topic sentence and its evidence.
The conclusion gives an overview of an essay. It summarizes your arguments in a laconic way. The goal is to deduce a solid inference, not adding new arguments. The final part should be short, about the same size as the introduction.
Write Your Literature Essay
Now you know the kinds and structure of literary essays. Here is some general advice for composing a well-done paper:

Study and follow the requirements and format your tutor has given to you.
Place strong arguments at the beginning and the end of a body part.
Check the spelling, grammar, and style consistency before finishing your paper.
Read your essay after a while to correct things you have not noticed earlier.
We hope our tips and tricks will help you to write your A+ essay. We have selected proper literature essay examples that are sure to be useful!

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