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What Is Linguistics?
Linguistics is a science that studies all aspects of languages. We can divide it into synchronic and diachronic, theoretical and applied, micro and macro. Here are the main subdisciplines of linguistics:

Morphology studies the internal structure of words and parts of words
Syntax forms a set of rules that defines word order and grammatical meanings
Phonetics studies sounds and the way people produce and perceive them
Semantics studies the meaning. There are two main areas: lexical semantics that explores the meaning of words, and logical semantics that studies sense and reference
Linguistics Essay: What Is It about?
A linguistics essay is a paper about theoretical and practical aspects of languages. Introduction to linguistic aspects is an essential part of any education. Typically, you can get such an assignment in high school or college. Which subjects can include essays about linguistics?

English and foreign languages
Philology or Linguistics
Argumentative, persuasive, and descriptive essays are the typical tasks on linguistics. We prepared some examples of the most popular areas below.

Linguistics Essay Topics
Bellow you’ll find a list of essay titles connected to several areas of language studies. Here is our selection of linguistics essay topics.

Morphology Essay
A morphology essay should focus on word formation and the internal structure of words. Also, pay attention to parts of speech, intonation, and stress.

Here are the topics:

Word formation in the English language. Describe the types of word formation (derivation and compounding).
Free and bound morphemes in the English language. Discuss the role of bases and affixes in word formation and meaning.
The research of morphology trees. Explain how they help to study inflectional and derivational morphemes.
English in morphological typology. Prove that English belongs to analytic or synthetic languages. Explain both points of view.
The three principal approaches to morphology. Discuss lexeme-based, morpheme-based, and word-based methods.
English Syntax Linguistics Essay
In your syntax essay, write about grammar, phrases, and sentences. Pay attention to the structure of sentences and logical connections that define word order. You can discuss various syntax methods and theories in your essay.

Let’s take a look at our topics:

The theory of generative grammar by Noam Chomsky. Describe this hypothesis and evaluate it.
Sequencing words in the English language. Explain the reasons for the particular position of subject, verb, and object in a sentence.
Dependency and categorial grammar approaches. Research and compare these approaches.
Scholastic theory in syntax.
Cognitive grammar by Ronald Langacker. Describe how this theory affected cognitive linguistics and what role it plays now.
The types of functional grammars. Discuss the form-function interaction in these theories.
Phonetics & Phonology Essay
You should focus on sounds and signs that we use in verbal communication in a particular language in your essay. You need to pay attention to the patterns of sounds and syllables. There are three types of phonetics: articulation, transmission, and perception.

Here are the essay titles:

Why is it important to develop correct pronunciation in childhood?
The difference between English pronunciation 100 years ago and now.
Why is pronunciation one of the most complex parts of language learning?
How do actors train their voices?
Verbal vs. non-verbal communication.
How do accents and dialects emerge?
Essay about Semantics
The paper should be about meaning, reference, or truth. There are various semantical theories that you can use in your writing. You can choose one of these essay topics:

The difference between semantics and pragmatics.
The role of semantics in modern literature.
Semantics in linguistics and philosophy.
Cross-cultural semantics in the United States.
Formal and conceptional theories in semantics.
The role of semantics in psychology.
Linguistic Essay: Practical Issues
Linguistics is not only about theoretical, linguistic aspects but also about practical things. Science is not only about analysis, interpretation, and reflection. It is a vast scientific community that has an influence and takes action. Linguists face different difficulties when they do their research, communicate with their colleagues, and implement the results of their scientific work.

For example, the Linguist Society of America focuses on social and scientific issues. Here are a few things that the linguists contribute to:

Public Policy.
Women and gender.
Student Issues.
Higher education.
Endangered languages.
Human rights.
Ethnic diversity.
Thank you for reading this article! Below is a selection of essay templates you can use for inspiration when writing your own linguistics essay.

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