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Wondering how to write an essay on environmental issues?

We have prepared a guide for you. In this article, you will find a sample environment essay outline and useful writing prompts. You can also use a huge variety of essay samples on the topic below.

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Environmental Essay: What Is It about?
An environmental essay is a writing piece that describes nature and human interaction with it. You might get this assignment in your Ecology, Biology, Geology, or related classes. These are primarily argumentative, persuasive, or analytical essays.

The first thing you should do when you start writing an essay about nature and environment is to choose a topic.

Environmental Essay Topics
You can choose to write about anything that concerns you. For example, the connection of environment and health, pollution, or why we have to protect nature. Below, we’ve made a list of the most popular environment essay topics:

Environment Pollution Essay
Pollution is one of the most significant consequences of the exploitation of the Earth and overproduction. For example, air pollution, plastic waste, or the greenhouse effect are all the outcomes of industrialization. You can pick one of the trendiest topics and write an essay about the harmful effect of plastic on the environment in your essay.

Or use one of these titles:

Air pollution in big cities and how to fight it.
Can electronic cars prevent air pollution?
Plastic waste in the ocean.
How can big factories reduce pollution?
Overproduction or consumerism: what is the real reason for pollution?
Why should we be concerned about environmental pollution?
Why is garbage removal an issue for big cities?
How air pollution affects health?
What can we do with the waste that already exists?
What laws help to reduce pollution?
Environmental Protection Essay
Nature protection is the task of our century, a social problem. We hear about the dangers threatening the environment. Many of us consider them unpleasant, but inevitable product of civilization and believe that we still have time to cope with all the difficulties appear. However, the human impact on the environment is threatening. In this type of essay, you have to describe the ways to protect the Earth.

Here are some titles that can be useful for you:

Endangered species: how can we protect them?
Action plan to
What role does education play in environmental protection?
Volunteering for environmental protection.
Benefits of saving the environment.
What can we use instead of plastic?
Why urbanization has a negative impact on the environment?
How can alternative sources of energy protect the environment?
What is a zero-waste lifestyle?
Recycling is our way to protect the Earth.
Shopping and environmental protection.
Why do we need to plant more trees?
Essay about Nature
Here are our nature essay titles. These essays are typically school home tasks, so they are a bit less sophisticated than the previous ones.

The connection between nature and human psychological wellbeing.
Why is clean water an essential resource for humankind?
Do vegans contribute to nature more than meat-eaters?
Why should children study biology at school?
The effects of nuclear energy on nature.
The consequences of global warming.
Do modern technologies harm nature?
Alternative forms of energy that can save nature.
How can a shortage of water affect humankind?
Why should every person care about nature?
The best descriptions of nature in English literature.
How nature and surroundings define the lifestyle of people?
Ecology Essay Outline
The primary goal of your essay is to explain your position logically and smoothly. In the outline below, we will explain to you how to do it:

Ecology essay introduction. Provide the background of the issue that you will discuss in your essay. Then, introduce the questions that you will answer in the body paragraphs. A thesis statement should be at the end of your intro. You need to write the main arguments and state your position in them.
Ecology essay body. You have to provide arguments that support your opinion and examples that are related to them. Make sure that the information is relevant and up to date.
Ecology essay conclusion. Summarize the critical moments of your essay. Reflect on the issue or provide your opinion on possible solutions to the problem.
You can find a selection of samples below. You can use them for inspiration for your essay on ecology and the environment.

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