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Social networking has overtaken all communication spheres: business, family, friends, and community. It is increasingly more popular than even calling over the phone. This article is a selection of communication and social media essay topics and prompts to guide your writing. In the end, there are links to samples of such papers.

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Social Media Essay: What Is It About?
You may be asked to prepare social media essays for various disciplines, from sociology to language learning. This assignment trains you to approach modern-day reality with a critical mind. Besides, social media is always (apart from technical issues) about communication. This sphere of human interaction is one of the most abstract and unpredictable, which makes it so exciting.

Social Media Essay Topics
If you don’t know what to write in your argumentative or persuasive essay on social media, it may be beneficial to look through our topics. They will suggest new debatable ideas and trigger brainstorming. Alternatively, you may take one case to discuss in your essay.

Pros & Cons of Social Media Essay
Like any other innovation, social media has its drawbacks. Do the positive features balance them?

What are the negative effects of social media? (The essay can be about a particular age group)
How does social media make your life easier?
Are social media a means of communication or a waste of time?
How could schools use social media to improve education efficiency?
Do you think that uploading personal photos on social media equals showing off?
Social Media Addiction Essay
People get addicted to scrolling the Facebook feed. They can spend hours looking at the photos of people they hardly know and reading the titles of articles they do not need.

What is the cause and effect of social media addiction?
What could social media do to combat people’s addiction to them?
What are the signs of social media addiction?
Describe a typical person with social media addiction.
Is social media addition just another form of escaping reality?
Media Violence Essay
Media violence means the portrayal of violent acts and their consequences in public media. Social media usually delete such content or mark it as “containing violence” so that you could decide not to see it.

Should social media providers ban all images and videos containing violence?
How does violence in media blur the line between good or bad in young people?
Is there a “healthy” way to show violence in media?
Does media violence make people angrier in real life?
What are the social problems caused by media violence?
Satire Essay on Social Media
Such essays criticize social media for its drawbacks. All the above topics are valid for this category, but you should also consider the following:

How social media robbed me of free time.
Social media: A vicious distraction.
Smartphone as the natural continuation of one’s hand: Social media addiction.
Social media stars: Are they worth being role models?
Social media is the means to control your preferences.
Communication Essay Topics
Do you know what effective communication is? How do nonverbal signs impact interpersonal relationships? These and other questions are raised in the topics below.

Nonverbal Communication Essay
Nonverbal communication comprises our posture, facial expression, movements, and other physical signs. They show our mood and opinion about the interlocutor.

Outline the dangers of uncontrolled nonverbal communication.
The rules of nonverbal communication in business.
Analyze the possibilities of motivational nonverbal communication.
Can nonverbal communication be abusive to another person?
Seek the difference between conscious and unconscious nonverbal communication.
Interpersonal Communication Essay
This subject area refers to any communication process. It is broad enough to encompass everything related to human interaction.

Give your advice on how to avoid unwanted interpersonal communication.
Your communication habits within your family show what kind of person you are.
How does gender affect one’s communication habits?
Compare the Christian and Arabic culture in communication.
Empathy as our natural way to understand each other.
Effective Communication Essay
People have always searched the ways to make their interaction smoother and more pleasurable. In such essays, you need to share your experience or brainstorm the ways to achieve effective communication.

Development of communication skills at college.
Is effective communication always about seeking compromise?
Active listening: The essential communication skill.
How to hook your listener: The best practices.
The possibilities of teambuilding as a tool for communication improvement.
Communication Essay Outline
Communication essay introduction
Why does the analyzed problem or phenomenon arise in communication?
Has there been any research done on the issue?
Thesis statement: which opinion will you defend in your essay?
Communication essay body
Argumentative essay: 2 paragraphs that support your opinion + 1 that contradicts it (don’t forget to explain why it is wrong).
Persuasive essay: 3 arguments in 3 paragraphs.
Descriptive essay: 3 aspects described in 3 paragraphs.
Communication essay conclusion
Which conclusion do you want your readers to reach after reading your paper?
Give your main points.
Repeat your thesis statement.
Communication and social media are challenging but rewarding spheres to analyze in your writing. If you lack fresh ideas or inspiration, please look through our communication and social media essay samples below.

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