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Food talk is strangely pleasing for us. It is a challenging task to find an event that features no eating. So, what is the need to write essays about food?

This article explains the purpose of various food essays. You will learn what you are supposed to write in them and get valuable writing prompts and tips. In the end, there is an excellent selection of food essay examples.

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Food Essay: What Is It About?
We often write food essays for language-learning purposes, including IELTS and TOEFL exams. Still, many disciplines study food issues and will require you to come up with related papers:

Food engineering
Food technology
Food microbiology
Molecular gastronomy
Food chemistry
Sensory analysis.
Favorite Food Essay
This task presupposes a descriptive essay about food. In the introduction, mention the name of your preferred food and what makes it so unique. Then, outline the recipe in the main body. Describe the physical qualities, appearance, and taste of the dish. In the conclusion, mention where you can buy the ready-made food or summarize your impressions from its taste.

The best way to make such an assignment engaging is to write it from a psychological or economic perspective. Think about why you prefer such or another food, and what it tells about you as a person. If your preferred dish is very expensive or super cheap, specify how it fits your personal finance.

Food Waste Essay
Uneaten food is a pressing issue for our ecology. In America, about half of food is wasted. Supermarkets throw away expired products every day. As a result, we waste lots of water and farmland for no purpose.

A food waste essay could discuss the problem’s ethical, economic, social, and psychological sides. For example, why do people buy more food than they need? How can companies predict the public demand for their product, and could we make such predictions more precise? How does waste food affect the ecology? These and other topics can be described here.

Organic Food Essay
Organic food has better nutritional qualities, and its production causes less pollution and soil erosion. Regular consumption of such products has a positive effect on human health. Organic farming does not use pesticides or fertilizers that may harm local birds and animals. Meanwhile, its price is higher than that of non-organic products.

In this essay type, you might also discuss whether it is possible to make all food production environment-friendly. Then, you can compare the qualities of organic and conventional food in terms of nutrition, health, farming, or trade.

Genetically Modified Food Essay
In contrast to the organic food essay, this type usually focuses on the drawbacks of such food. Mind that the pros and cons of GMOs are still a debatable issue. For you, it means that it is a perfect topic for an argumentative or persuasive essay.

It is better to defend your opinion by research data, statistics, and references to reliable sources in a genetically modified food essay. Make your bibliography as up-to-date as possible because this subject area is a new one, and everything we know is just a theory.

Fast Food & Obesity Essay
We start eating fast food in childhood, developing unhealthy eating habits. Being adults, we economize the time spent on preparing food at home. As a result, we prefer purchasing something ready-made. Fast food is cheap and energy-dense. More than that, it is delicious.

In a fast food and obesity essay, you can discuss your personal choice between keeping in good shape and eating junk food. In addition, you may explore the legal base behind the sale of unhealthy food and its regulation. Finally, a good idea would be to make an argument in the essay whether there is a direct relationship between eating fast food and obesity.

Diet Analysis Project Essay
Does a given diet prevent from gaining weight? A diet analysis project essay can focus on your own eating habits or the nutrition of a selected group of people. In this paper, you will seek the balance between minerals, vitamins, and energy-producing macronutrients (fat, protein, and carbohydrates) proportional to your age, body type, health condition, gender, and activity level.

The purpose of such a research project can be to determine the excess caloric intake that has lead to extra kilograms. If a person under analysis is underweight, you can search for the reasons for their malnutrition.

If these prompts are not enough, below you will find many perfectly written essays about diets, nutrition, food description, and healthy lifestyle. You may use them as a source of inspiration while writing your own food essay.

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