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Design essays require you to analyze the design process and discuss the results. The design may be of anything: a dress, a building, a website, etc. Good design essays should include samples or examples of the design being discussed and an analysis of how effective the design is. Design essays should be well-researched and well-written to be successful.

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There are many design essay examples available online which can help you understand what is required of you. When writing a design essay, remember to focus on the design elements that are most important to you and that you feel passionate about. This will help you produce an engaging and convincing piece of writing.

Graphic Design Essay
Any graphic design has seven basic elements: line, shape, color, texture, space, image, and type. A graphic design essay analyzes one of them concerning the other aspects of the artwork’s message. The paper can be dedicated to appreciation or criticism, depending on whether you like the work of art.

Interior Design Essay
This essay type can be dedicated to the benefits and drawbacks of the profession of an interior designer. You can also select and analyze an internal design solution to determine whether it is aesthetically pleasing. Finally, you may compare and contrast two interior design styles: mid-century, industrial, Scandinavian, bohemian, Baroque, etc.

Fashion Design Essay
Why would you like to become a fashion designer? What are the pitfalls on the way to a career in fashion design? How would you improve a given collection by a famous designer? These and other similar questions can be raised in your essay on fashion design.

Product Design Essay
These essays can explore the importance of product design on the overall success of the marketing campaign. Besides, case studies are the most popular format for a product design essay. Choose a product you like or dislike and describe why it became a success or failure story.

We hope that our explanation of the unique characteristics of design will assist you in writing an essay that receives an A+. The free examples of design essays below can also provide you with ideas for a stimulating writing session.

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