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Culture is everything humanity has created throughout its life on Earth. El Castillo cave paintings, paleolithic tools, Goya’s buildings, traditional gender roles, and the Declaration of Independence all relate to culture. The mere existence of any society is a sign of civilization. We have prepared a comprehensive selection of prompts and samples to help you manage the trickiest culture essay topic.

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Culture Essay: How to Write?
You may be asked to write culture essays for a number of disciplines, from history to anthropology and fine arts. The topics differ from subject to subject, but the overall approach is the same. They expect you to analyze, compare, or describe one or several cultures.

Popular Culture Essay
A popular culture essay shall discuss one of the contemporary trends. For example, a hip-hop culture essay may explore how this phenomenon uplifted suburban America and gave voice to the marginalized layers of society. Seek the link between the popular culture in question, the causes of its emergence, and the effect it had on the community.

Popular Culture Essay Topics
African popular culture and its folk motifs.
Latin American trends in the popular music of the 2020s.
The influence of popular culture on people’s buying preferences in the 1950s.
How does popular culture define your vision of happiness?
The role of advertisement in popular culture.
Psychological effects of having a role model from pop music.
How does popular culture influence teenagers’ morality?
What makes a cultural trend popular in our globalized world?
Video games as a new cultural formation.
Disney princesses and their role in girls’ education.
American Culture Essay
Little is known about American culture before the arrival of the first colonialists. But only the Founding Fathers established American nationhood. That is why most American culture essay topics are about the events that unfolded after signing the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Below you can find some prompts on the subject.

American Culture Essay Topics
American popular culture as a new common mythology.
America then and today: From the Roaring 1920s to the futuristic 2020s.
How has the American family tradition evolved since the previous century?
The influence of religious freedom in the US.
Which factors determine the American clothing style?
The impact of American cuisine on the European world.
Eating on the run: The American Culture of eating.
The effect of ethnic diversity on the American culture.
American folk music in its popular transformation.
The history of quilts as an element of American folk culture.
Mexican Culture Essay
Spain destroyed Aztec Empire and ruled Mexico for 300 years. For this reason, Mexican culture was a blend of the indigenous traditions and the Spanish vision of life. A Mexican or Hispanic culture essay describes the peculiar features of this Spanish-speaking world.

Meanwhile, it may be exciting to analyze the reasons and consequences of the Mexican struggle for independence from Spain. What is the Mexican identity like nowadays, and how does it differ from the American or Spanish one?

Indian Culture Essay
India is one of the unique countries, especially for a European or American person. It has a multi-Millenium history that attracts millions of tourists, researchers, and scientists. India has preserved its culture of “unity in diversity.”

In an Indian culture essay, you may analyze the country’s religious traditions, cuisine, dances, and music. Note that India is the second biggest world’s country, and its climate and landscape are quite different. How does it influence its culture?

Language & Culture Essay
The Himba tribe (Namibia) doesn’t have a word that would describe the blue color. But they differentiate more hues of green than the English language offers. The take-home message is that language reflects our lifestyle, traditions, and culture more than we tend to think. Meanwhile, psychologists say that human languages have too little means to express feelings and emotional states. It is one of the reasons why we struggle with understanding ourselves more than we should.

A language and culture essay gives a perfect scope for linguistic analysis of any country, community, or group of people.

Food & Culture Essay
Local cuisine can tell a lot about the habitual way of life of the locals. Northern regions have lots of recipes for fruit and vegetable preservation throughout the long winter. Southern countries have never had such a need, as they can harvest almost round the year. Today avocados, olives, mangoes, and other exotic fruit are available around the globe. But only the countries that grow them have the experience and tradition of using them in cooking.

Your food and culture essay shall discuss these distinctive traditions of cuisine that make every culture unique.

Culture & Identity Essay
Culture defines who you are and what you may become more than you might think. It structures our social lives, limiting our habits in work and leisure.

Knowing your identity means knowing your authentic self and abilities. It gives you a powerful tool for self-exploration and further development.

A culture and identity essay is a popular assignment for psychological studies at college.

Culture Essay Outline
The following outline works for a descriptive or argumentative essay of up to 1000 words. For a longer format, you should extend the main body section by adding more paragraphs.

Culture essay introduction. Why is the topic you selected so exciting for you (and for your reader)? Provide some background of the tradition and specify if it is still observed now. Then provide your thesis statement, explaining what you are going to speak about.
Culture essay body. Divide your topic into categories or arguments, and distribute them between the main body paragraphs. Start each new line with a topical sentence.
Culture essay conclusion. Summarize the topical sentences of the previous section. Repeat your thesis statement in different words to make it more persuasive.
We hope that the above ideas have inspired you for your creative writing! Below you will find a comprehensive list of culture essay samples for your reference. They differ by length and topic, but all of the examples are exciting to read.

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