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A business essay is a more challenging task than any other essay type. It requires you to use your entrepreneurship and writing skills simultaneously. We have collected the best ideas on approaching the business essay format and which issues to discuss in such papers. And most importantly, you will find a selection of business essay examples at the end.

Essay on Business & Economics: How to Write
A business essay is a piece of writing that analyzes the problems that may arise in business or economics and brainstorms their solutions. If you don’t know how to start a business essay, you should check if you correctly selected the level of education that studies the given phenomenon. Otherwise, it is better to choose a different topic.

Business Ethics Essay
Sometimes business ethics essay is also called a business practice argumentative essay. It makes you question the reasonability of specific models of behavior people show in the business sphere. For example, you can analyze the best ways of telling employees that they are fired. It would also be engaging to explore the problems of ecology VS. Business development.

In a word, any topic you select should tackle ethics, be it interpersonal, ecological, moral, or any other. Essays on ethics usually analyze the correctness of particular treatment of other people. But we are sure that our list of business essay topics will help you find something untrivial to write about.

Business Management Essay
Why do CEOs and other managers earn much more than average employees? Controlling and guiding a company’s development requires many hard and soft skills beyond traditional education. In your business management essay, you can describe your vision of a successful manager. Then, you can always explore a confirmed case of a company’s management that proved to be effective or not.

Another direction of thought is business strategy analysis, which also refers to management. How do large-scale global companies preserve their image throughout the world? Which organizational behavior is the most efficient in the international market? You can find exciting prompts for such essays in our examples.

Business Plan Essay
A business plan essay is the most frequent assignment at a business school. It trains you to approach each situation as a business opportunity and calculate the possible outcome of your enterprise. Brainstorming, strategic thinking, knowledge of economic laws and processes, and adherence to a specific format are only some requirements for this type of writing.

Here you can discuss a new direction for developing an existing business or creating a brand-new enterprise. The main idea is to foresee all the possible pitfalls and explore a strategy for overcoming them. Don’t forget to analyze your target audience: why do you think they’ll like the product?

Small Business Essay
This type opens an unexpectedly broad scope of topics to discuss. You can analyze the distinctive features of small businesses in your country. You can also explore the prospects of a given small business through a business plan or a critical essay.

Alternatively, there is an option to discover the popular managerial practices beneficial or detrimental to small businesses. For college students who study law, a small business essay may focus on legislation regulating small companies.

We sincerely hope the data we’ve provided will be helpful to you. Consult our list of examples below for more ideas. You will learn what to include in your business essay as a result of them.

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