Deculturalization and the Struggle for Equality

Updated on: March 1, 2023

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Summarize the main point(s) or argument(s) of the TCI – Deculturalization

Deculturalization seeks to suppress a particular culture or replace it with one that people with greater power consider superior. Deculturalization took place in different periods of history when people conquered the lands of another, and this process can be regarded as cultural genocide. An essential part of the deprivation of culture is the restriction of the opportunity to use the language characteristic of this culture. Such limiting conditions most often occur within the framework of education.

What evidence from the course content is used to support the TCI – Deculturalization?

The course content provides examples and arguments explaining deculturalization. In particular, the settlement of America is one of the most striking and simultaneously cruel episodes of history involving the deculturalization process. For example, settlers and Native Americans differed significantly in the tradition of raising children. Colonists were more inclined to discipline and education in formal settings (Spring, 2016). Other cultures were also suppressed by laws that prohibited the manifestation of different cultures or, on the contrary, encouraged the representation of only one. In the education process, there is usually an encouragement to the culture that is considered dominant. The values and traditions of this culture are taught in schools, the reading of literature associated with it is rewarded, and discussions occur within particular culture’s framework.

How does the TCI – Deculturalization help you to understand your own experience of schooling?

Understanding deculturalization provides me with a new insight into my own learning experience. Getting an education in a particular country shapes my mentality and values according to the culture of this country. Moreover, education systems aim to maintain a specific dominant culture. One can view this situation from several perspectives, positive and adverse. On the one hand, support for culture and its traditions is necessary. On the other hand, suppression of different cultures should not be acceptable. Therefore, it is essential, especially for those not in their native country, to maintain their traditions and language.


Spring, J. (2016). Deculturalization and the claim of racial and cultural superiority by Anglo-Americans. In Deculturalization and the struggle for equality (pp. 19-39). Oxfordshire, UK: Routledge.

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