Cyberspace Innkeeping: Building Online Community

Updated on: March 1, 2023

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The most interesting circumstance regarding the state of the World Wide Web today is the correlation between its rapid development and shifting human perceptions of this space. As can be seen from the article, which was published a few decades ago, in the past, people viewed the Internet more as a tool providing various opportunities rather than creating threats (Coate, 1998). The only privacy concerns were related to the real names of participants and their email addresses, whereas the chances for building online communities were highly emphasized (Coate, 1998). At present, the same characteristics of individuals’ experience and organization of resources on the Web are their significance for employment and the need for regulating interactions (Coate, 1998). In turn, the differences are more numerous, and the most important ones include the comparably less critical role of website owners in their management. Also, there are increased safety concerns and the shift from considering the Internet separately from home and work to their inclusion (Coate, 1998). Thus, this area does not resemble the previously known Internet people in the past.

Moreover, the change in communication is crucial for understanding its progress over time. It can be determined as greater attention to the discussed affairs, the inclusion of more citizens, and the emerged opportunity to organize social movements. For example, one of the manifestations of these processes is the growing interest of individuals in political events, which are mainly presented online. In this case, the exchange of opinions involves everyone, and any disagreements can easily turn into organized campaigns for or against implemented policies or other measures. This tendency feels alarming since it makes the verification of data credibility almost impossible and allows some people to manipulate others’ standpoints. It is clear that the population groups gained the chance to clearly state their positions while losing objectivity in the matters.


Coate, J. (1998). Cyberspace innkeeping: Building online community. John Coate. Web.

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